Sustainable Lawn Care in Columbus

Clean Air Lawn Care MooseSustainable lawn care turns your yard into a resilient and healthy green paradise that is safe for you and environment. We use equipment run on renewable energy – solar-powered electricity or bio-diesel – and treat our lawns with organic, chemical-free fertilizers. This means no warning flags that traditional lawn care from the other guys is required to place on your grass. This means your freshly treated lawn is safe for you and your family to enjoy immediately. “Don’t panic – it’s organic!”

Sustainable Lawn Care Done Right

sustainable lawn care electric mowing in Columbus OH

Sun icon to represent solar-powered mowing.Sustainable Lawn Care Runs On Clean Renewable Energy

Here at Clean Air Lawn Care, our sustainable lawn care practices begin in the soil and extend all the way to our mowing methods. But how do we keep our commitment to sustainable lawn maintenance?

Moving lawn mowing away from dependency on pollutant producing gas engine lawn mowers was the first major step forward we took. These 2-step gas engines are much less efficient than a modern day vehicle. When mowing, their noisy, carbon-emitting exhausts contributes to Ozone problems and Greenhouse gas production. Clean Air Lawn Care Ohio ushers in a new age in lawn care by using only renewable electric and biodiesel equipment to power our equipment.

Look for the Clean Air Lawn Care trucks with solar-panels mounted on the roof. We charge 100% renewable energy for our electric mowing equipment as we drive and even as we mow your grass.

Continuing our commitment to sustainable lawn care, we also purchase carbon credits to offset the additional energy we expend. We never said it was easy, but we’re proud to call ourselves a truly sustainable lawn care company.

Sun icon to represent solar-powered mowing.Conventional Lawn Care Is Not Sustainable

Conventional gas lawn care is not sustainable lawn care and never will be. Our nation’s air pollution continues to be a critical issue facing future generations. By switching to renewable organic lawn care service in Dublin, Hilliard and surrounding communities in Columbus, OH. We’ve removed the filthy, disturbing noise gas engines create. By removing gas lawn mowers from daily use in our Columbus neighborhoods and throughout the nation, we could remove up to 10% of air pollution in the United States, as estimated by the EPA.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1 hour, a conventional gas engine lawn mower produces as much pollution as 40 late model cars, emits the same amount of hydrocarbons (precursors to ground-level ozone) as a SUV driven 23,600 miles, and contribute 93 times more smog-forming emissions that 2006 cars.

More reasons to go green

  • The average gas lawn mower runs at 100 decibels – anything over 90 decibels causes hearing damage.
  • Gas lawn mowers consume 580 million gallons of gasoline annually.
  • A 1000 square foot lawn generates 300 pounds of clippings annually, rapidly filling up landfills.
  • Many lawn services mow at a height that burns the grass, wastes water, and promotes weed growth.
  • Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides leach into waterways, create yards unfit for children & pets, and deplete the soil’s organic matter.

Sun icon to represent solar-powered mowing.Sustainable Lawn Care Is Clean, Quiet And Renewable

  • Electric mowers emit 3,300 times less hydrocarbons, 5,000 times less CO, one-fifth as much NOx as gas lawn mowers.
  • Emissions are reduced to zero when run on renewable energy.
  • Electric equipment is 50 – 70% quieter than gas-powered lawn equipment.

Sun icon to represent solar-powered mowing.Our Sustainable Lawn Care Practices

  • Our electric lawn care equipment is charged using solar panels mounted on our trucks and back at our shops.
  • We run our larger mowers on locally produced bio-fuels.
  • All of our greenhouse gas emissions are offset with carbon offsets purchased from to ensure our entire operation is carbon-neutral.
  • All grass clippings and organic matter are recycled, either on site or at a local recycling center.
  • We mow at a height that maximizes water conservation and nutrient uptake.
  • We offer all-natural, safe organic treatment programs to ensure your yard is beautiful and safe for your children, pets, and Ohio waterways.